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Kiri Daywear & Nightwear Panties Bundle Set

Kiri Daywear & Nightwear Panties Bundle Set

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Women deserve sustainable and reliable period care. From first periods to the occasional leakage - Kiri period panties will address them all.

Our panties can be used and reused - Kiri signature daywear low-waist panties are a classic daily staple for the time of the month; while nightwear high-waist panties are designed with full padded coverage to offer maximum protection all night long.

Kiri daywear panties come in two colour options: Celeste Blue and Nisha Black.

Kiri nightwear panties are available in Selene Black.

Wear it, wash it, love it. Then do it all over again.

Product Detail

Kiri daywear panties


5.5 regular tampons / 10 teaspoons / 50 ml

Kiri nightwear panties


8.5 regular tampons / 15 teaspoons / 75 ml

Designed in Hong Kong with Love. Made in China.

User Guide

Wear the panties on their own! Our panties are designed with extra layers and special fabrics to replace traditional sanitary pads by absorbing your menstrual flow, while keeping you fresh and dry all day long. A good way to start is to wear the daywear and nightwear panties according to your flow - daywear panties for the lighter days and nightwear panties for heavier ones.


Forget setting alarms at night to change out of your tampon or waking up constantly to make sure your sheets are still clean. Designed with a full padding coverage all the way to the back, our high-waisted nightwear panties have extra layers and special fabrics to absorb the heaviest of flows. Say goodbye to the stuffy traditional sanitary pads! It is time for us bleeding girls to get our beauty sleep.

Tip - If it is your first time, a great way to test the waters is to wear it towards the end of your period when your flow is lighter. Our panties are extremely absorbent and can provide maximum protection - feel free to use them at all hours of the day.

Care Guide
Rinse under cold running water until the water runs clean. Line dry. Do not bleach. Do not soak. Do not add softener. Do not tumble dry. Do not iron.


Size Guide

Kindly note that the kiri™ nightwear panties have a much tighter fit compared to the Kiri daywear panties. You may find that your size varies between different panty styles.

Our model, Emma is 167cm/5’5.5”, hip size 91cm/35.5” and is wearing Kiri daywear panties in a size Small

Our model, Angelica, is 177cm/5’9.75”, hip size 98cm/38.58” and is wearing Kiri nightwear panties in a size Medium.

Ensure the right fit with our size guide here.

Fitting may vary even for articles of the same size.

Science Behind

Our panties consist of four layers of leakproof-infused technology that trap and lock in liquid within the water-resistant and moisture-wicking materials. This includes an outer shell fabric, a layer designed to prevent any stains or leaks, a layer of absorbent material that can hold up to 5.5 (daywear panties) to 8.5 (nightwear panties) regular tampons worth of flow and a barrier to keep your intimate areas comfortable.

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