How It All Started.

The story began from a recollection of multiple period-related accidents during her teenage years. She would recall the anxiety. The stress. The panic. Of bleeding through her underwear and onto her bright white school uniform in the middle of the day. It was traumatic. More than ten years later, despite her plethora of menstrual experiences, she would still have moments where she would stress about possible leaks and stains on clothes and sheets.

Listening to her anecdotes were her two sympathetic male friends. While they did not have personal experience with periods, they did have sisters and other female friends who had been in similar predicaments. They would remember the discomfort of their friends. They would remember feeling helpless and wanting to help.

And so in true millennial haphazard fashion, the three of them threw out ideas. Wild ones. Eccentric ones. Bizarre ones. In the end, they founded a brand of reusable leakproof underwear that aligned with their own values – environmental sustainability and conscious consumption.

And thus Kiri was born.


Designed in Hong Kong with love, Kiri is a passion project shared between three friends who are on a mission to make periods more secure, tolerable and sustainable.

Our Approach

Menstruation is a completely natural aspect of womanhood, and our team at Kiri strives to empower women and encourage candid conversations surrounding women’s health.

Say goodbye to the stress and anxiety that comes with periods, leaks and everything in between. Comfortable and reliable, Kiri leakproof period panties replaces traditional pads and tampons.